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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the only way to maneuver away from a reactive approach into one that is proactive. Taking time away from day-to-day activities at this stage in the game can prove to be next to impossible. However, strategic planning will provide a tangible and visual road map for all team members to follow.


Reverie will identify critical milestones in the growth plan for the company and will create programs that ensure healthy growth happens and all teammates are on the same page - driving to the same goal, at the same time.


We often find that the creation and outline of strategic projects come easily to growing teams as there is so much to be done, however, the execution is much more difficult, and projects continue to roll over, year over year.


Reverie consultants roll their sleeves up to assist in completing the excess work that a strategic project creates. This is where our team shines in collaboration with your team.

Our Process

  • Work with leadership to create a comprehensive vision of the future

  • Ensure that the proper personnel are in place to handle strategic growth 

  • Ensure strategic initiatives are clear throughout the organization 

  • Implement project management tactics and tools to ensure milestones are met


Designed and implemented AN AggRESSIVE 3-Year growth plan

  • Determined whether to add a service line or add a territory 

  • Identified whether to self-fund or seek funding for growth 

  • Created timeline 

  • Developed a communication plan 

  • Established and produced the budget 

  • Set growth metrics and goals 

  • Presented the plan to multiple stakeholders across the organization and received a favorable vote to move forward

  • Led the recruitment, compensation planning, and training of strategic growth roles 

  • Facilitated the messaging and ongoing cross-company communication 


Designed revenue producing programs to phase out low-profit margin programs

  • Audited current programs to determine what to develop and what to phase out

  • Produced financials to support decision making 

  • Designed and presented various program options and versions

  • Created financial projections for the programs 

  • Implemented communication plan for phased out programs

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