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Organizational Structure

Happy people (and happy owners) are a vital element of a healthy organization. Clearly mapping the organizational structure, developing teams, and creating detailed expectations for interdepartmental communication helps to clearly outline the basic foundation for high performing teams.


The (not-so) secret to highly effective organizations is the ability for the leader to assemble the right people into the right seats. Understanding the dynamics of team development, and cultivating the skills to keep the team intact and high functioning, is an area that Reverie excels in.


We also assist teams with navigating the world of transition and growth as the company continues to stretch into new territories.

Our Process

  • Complete a full discovery of current structure and employee morale

  • Create new job descriptions, roles, and titles to fit planned growth

  • Create a management team

  •  Provide management training and mentorship

  • Implement new training and performance review programs 

  • Review management team decisions and help establish direction



COMPLETE RE-ORGANIZATION, INCLUDING new roles and teams, compensation changes, and training needs

  • Completed 1:1 discover interviews across the company 

  • Developed ideal organizational structure for internal processes and client experience

  • Designed and rolled out new job descriptions, compensation plans, and management channels to all 20+ employees  

  • Determined and collaborated with leadership to deliver necessary communication plan and timeline 

  • Identified if a budget was needed for any personnel moves or if compensation could be reorganized

  • Led the messaging and ongoing cross-company communication 

  • Designed, launched, and provided training on performance reviews 

  • Implemented and launched new team member policies 


Created middle management layer at 50+ employee organization

  • Completed 1:1 discover interviews across the company to determine management candidates

  • Designed and delivered new job descriptions, compensation plans, and management practices

  • Provided management coaching and training focused on self-awareness, HR compliance, and team development expectations

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