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Process Improvement

Systemizing your business by identifying and documenting the core processes that define the way to run your business can create efficiencies while improving the customer and employee experience. We work with you to get everyone on the same page behind the "Why" of changing procedures, deliver an engaging planning process, and ultimately, a rewarding result. 

Many entrepreneurs we work with battle with the need to be flexible (especially in customer facing procedures) and finding efficiency. We are able to work in both arenas to create solid procedures and processes throughout the business that are also built to handle unique customer needs. 

Our Process

  • Complete a full discovery of current processes in key operational areas

  • Create comprehensive outline of current process

  • Use visuals to identify inconsistencies and/or inefficiencies

  • Outline new processes, implementation timelines and phases, and plans

  • Implement the new process through all phases

  • Test the new process by applying stress to encourage necessary corrections

case study bding 1


Created a decentralization plan for a growing company that allowed for local budgetary and operational decisions 

  • Identified a need for an updated operations model to enhance and expand growth initiatives

  • Created a local model; including job descriptions, program details, budgets, etc.

  • Assisted with the job search to fill the newly created roles

  • Planned program launch, timeline, and implementation plan

  • Trained at all locations to ensure teams were set up to execute the new model

  • Attended team meetings for over a year to ensure teams acclimated and adopted the new model correctly


Designed and Implemented a formal Human Resources process within an informal environment

  • Identified areas of need in Human Resources policies and procedures

  • Worked with the management and leadership teams to create policies that matched company culture

  • Designed simple, usable, and enforceable company policies

  • Reviewed compensation plans at an organizational and individual level

  • Created standardized recruitment policies and procedures for all positions

  • Established a standardized training program for all employees 

  • Developed a standardized process to conduct employee performance reviews across all positions

  • Implemented standardized employee compensation practices

  • Produced a standardized employee termination process

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