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Financial Organization

Often entrepreneurs are successful thanks to their creativity, big picture thinking, and work ethic. Rarely does a small business entrepreneur have the time or desire to read, evaluate, and question the financials of their business.


We make that process easy by attaching budgets to ideas that the entrepreneur and entire team can visualize. We also work with the accounting or financial team to create a budget that will be easy to manage and follow. 

This area is all about gaining confidence and having the tools necessary to make good long-term decisions across the organization. 

Our Process

  • Review financial strengths and areas of liability

  • Create a finance team

  • Implement processes to ensure organization within finance team 

  • Set financial metrics and goals 

  • Develop new financial reports

  • Establish company-wide budgets and budgeting procedures

  • Develop and deliver financial training to all levels of the organization


Designed and implemented A Company Budget & Annual Budget Planning Meetings

  • Completed an assessment of previous year financials

  • Collaborated with C-Suite to review current financials  

  • Created a new budget that was in a usable format for the management team

  • Worked with the management team to divide out budget accounts by team

  • Hosted budget training for all team members

  • Managed monthly budget update meetings

  • Completed monthly and annual review of budget with leadership team

  • Organized and hosted annual budget planning meeting for the leadership and management teams


Designed and implemented A Company PROFIT SHARING PROGRAM

  • Identified the key company motivators to drive success

  • Designed multiple profit sharing options and presented them to the leadership team to determine the most advantageous program for the company

  • Outlined and launched the profit sharing program both at company and individual levels

  • Assisted the financial team in creating profit sharing rules and payouts

  • Hosted an all company training on ways to both positively and negatively affect company profit

  • Completed an annual review of the profit sharing program and communicated the findings across the company

  • Created content and literature to educate and inform employees of the profit sharing program and updated the literature, as needed

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