Studies and experience show that teams with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive than those with low engagement. 

Based on surveys taken both before and after Reverie collaborates with an organization, team members report an overall increase in engagement metrics. 

We regularly see: 

+ Team Members report having a more clear understanding of their role and responsibilities


+ Team Members report a better understanding of the company's goals


+ Team Members rate their excitement for the future of the company as high 



Organizations that partner with Reverie not only report a 9% average increase in revenue for each year they worked with our team, but also an increase in gross and net profit margins. 

We are able to produce these results through:

+ Financial transparency, budget creation, budget training, and overall financial organization

+ Metric related goals are set and reached through motivational leadership 

+ Reorganized compensation plans incentivize the right targets

+ Company wide goals are made visual and consistently presented



Reverie has done so much for our organization that it's mind blowing.


They've re-organized our company as a whole and with that we've made it to INC. 5000 for the second year in a row!

Personally, they've made me a better manager by encouraging me to always strive for nothing but the best and also value the culture of the company. 

Krystal P - Accounting Manager

Real Estate Company

Reverie is exceptional to say the least.

As the owner of two companies, servicing clients in four states, our companies have benefited greatly from Reverie's talent and expertise.


They have been an integral part of developing our companies organizational structure, strategy, and culture. They helped formed the foundation upon which we have been able to build two strong and profitable organizations.

Ryan D - CEO & OWNER

Real Estate Company

“Reverie did not change our company to what they thought was best, rather they were amazing at helping us realize what we wanted, as a company, to change and how to achieve that.


I love the whole process; from starting with all of us as individuals and focusing on our strengths to putting us into teams and showing us how our individual strengths make the team better.



A consultant, who needs a consultant? 

I know my industry, my company, my team, and my customers better than anyone.  I can’t envision someone stepping in and improving what we’ve spent years building. 


I'll sum my experience up by saying I was wrong.

The impact Reverie has had on our company has been significant to say the least.  Not one team member can imagine how the company would be where it’s at today without Reverie.  


Industrial Services Company

Our experience with Reverie has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only does our consultant provide tangible solutions for existing issues, but she can also identify areas that need attention before they arise. 


We have been especially thankful for her holistic point of view on the nature of our business by focusing on our most valuable asset, our people.


She enables us to decipher what makes us unique and successful, while also challenging us to make improvements where most beneficial.

Tammy D - CEO + OWNER


The experience has been everything hoped for, plus more. We have experienced more engagement, clarity in responsibilities, and jelling of the leadership team.


Financially we have reduced costs, found over-billing and collected, sold equipment from their referral, and amazingly made budget throughout the uncertainties of COVID-19.




1720 W. Division St. Chicago, IL. 



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