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Getting to Know Reverie's Founders

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

“We get to pull up a seat at their table. It’s almost like every time we’re there for a meeting, we’re at a family dinner” - Lindsay Miller on working with Reverie clients.

Reverie's Story:

Reverie founders, Jaid Mackin and Lindsay Miller, met when they worked together on the executive team of a privately-owned small business. While working together, they found a shared vision for how a small business should run - people-centered, systematic, setting high expectations with sustainable growth. They also shared the same style and level of execution - to focus on the company’s vision, to design programs that fit the vision, and to role them out systematically and with buy-in from their team.

Working hard to achieve success, while having fun doing it, led Jaid and Lindsay to consider forming an organizational development consulting firm where they could help small to mid-sized, privately-owned businesses. With their past experience as executives of small businesses, Jaid and Lindsay possess the expertise required to be successful consultants. They shared their idea with a couple of past clients, and before you know it, they had four new clients, and Reverie Organizational Development Specialists was formed.

Founded by referrals, Reverie continues to grow based primarily on referrals. Past clients who know and trust their work, and who have achieved success due to their partnership with Reverie, continue to provide new growth opportunities for Reverie.

What Makes Reverie Unique:

While both Jaid and Lindsay have enjoyed their experiences working with different sized teams, it is in small businesses that they found their true niche, and quite honestly, their true love. They have firsthand experience in contributing to the success of the organizations in which they worked. They know and understand the challenges small businesses face as well as the distinct differences in small businesses versus corporate businesses. It is because of this experience that Reverie has an advantage over large, corporate consulting firms in working with small businesses.

They do not put their clients in a corporate “box,” but instead get to truly know the entire team. They work with and interact with all team members across all departments. In many of the businesses Reverie works with, the businesses are either family-owned or view their employees as family. Jaid and Lindsay become an extension of that family. As Lindsay stated, “We get to pull up a seat at their table. It’s almost like every time we are there for a meeting, it’s like we are at a family dinner.”

Jaid and Lindsay make it a priority to assist the business leaders through the challenges, but also to have fun with them and celebrate their successes.

As Jaid stated,

“we want to be impactful beyond the bottom line.”

Their definition of success is to truly change the lives of business leaders; to change how they view their personal relationships, their relationship with their business, and with their employees. At the end of the day, Jaid and Lindsay want to have a network of people, who by partnering with Reverie, can say Reverie impacted our lives in a positive and meaningful way.

The Role of an Organizational Development Consultant:

As Organizational Development Consultants (ODC), Reverie provides direct advice, guidance, and oversight to business leaders. Reverie serves as an accountability partner to the business leader and his/her team to drive the desired change the business leader wants for his/her business. This can include developing strategies to improve efficiency, driving revenue growth, and retaining talented employees through development programs. All business leaders (regardless of how great and successful they are) face times where they are uninspired and/or too tired to keep progressing in a healthy way. Reverie partners with business leaders as an extension of their executive team to diagnose and remove all known, and unknown, blocks to the business through careful innovative management practices.

Reverie provides a holistic and global approach to driving change within the organization by reviewing all aspects of the business. This includes building systems and processes, facilitating sustainable transformations within all aspects of business operations, developing strategies, improving the company culture, and focusing on the people. While there is a definite benefit to using an expert consultant, such as an IT or an accounting consultant, Reverie offers a holistic approach to change by looking at the overall big picture, and will tackle any project that falls under the umbrella of business processes. “Our intent is to help businesses grow and move forward, but not need us forever,” Jaid stated.

It is also important to note that Reverie’s approach is as authentic as it is holistic. Reverie goes into a company looking to uncover the company’s strengths, to understand who they are as a company, and what the vision of the company is, and to find every way to celebrate that and grow the business through those strengths. As Lindsay reinforced,

“Rather than trying to change them or transition them into a company they no longer recognize, we make changes by building off of who they are and what they already have going for them and make the necessary changes that they identify in the process of working together.”

Their Favorite Parts of Reverie and Working With their Clients:

One of Lindsay and Jaid’s favorite parts of Reverie is having a brand that truly represents who they are and what they enjoy doing - partnering with small to mid-sized businesses to help the businesses grow and succeed. As Jaid shared, “ I love seeing when the work we do “clicks” with the business to put them on the track they really wanted to be on or didn’t think they could get to.”

Jaid also takes great pride in the referrals they receive. When Reverie gets a referral, Jaid knows it is because Reverie has done a good job in listening to the needs of their clients, helping them to identify their goals, and exceeding their expectations. Knowing that a business leader benefited from the services that Reverie provides is what motivates and inspires Jaid to perform her work at the highest level.

Lindsay shares that one of her favorite parts of working with her clients is when they open up to something that is new to them and begin using it regularly in their business. People tend to focus on doing things they are either comfortable with or good at and tend to shy away from doing the unknown. When Lindsay gives her clients new tools, ideas, or processes that they may have never used in their job before, due to lack of confidence and/or comfort, and she sees her clients making huge strides, she feels nothing but pride and satisfaction in the work she is doing at Reverie. Lindsay also takes great pride in knowing that whatever changes Reverie makes, the change is coming from an authentic and genuine place.

“We have never operated with anything but the best intentions for our clients, and never will.

There are no politics or bureaucracy to cut through. The change is being driven by Reverie clients for Reverie clients. “We will move mountains to help our clients succeed.” Reverie is a force behind them to help them in any way possible.

Reverie Founders' Top Strength:

Both Jaid and Lindsay have taken the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. While each founder possesses multiple strengths that make them invaluable to their clients, they each revealed their number one strength and how it would benefit their clients the most.

Jaid’s number one strength is Competitive. Jaid believes it is this strength that makes her successful when working with her clients. She wants to make her clients’ businesses the very best amongst their competitors and in the area it serves. With this competitive strength, she will be driven to make her clients succeed in every way possible and will not stop until she achieves that success.

Lindsay’s number one strength is Strategic. Lindsay’s ability to see the big picture, consider all possible scenarios, anticipate challenges, and determine the best route to take will help her clients to be prepared in any situation. Through this strength, she will guide her clients to make the best decision amongst many options, keep her clients on track in following the strategic objectives she has provided, and to be ready if an unanticipated factor creates a distraction with the process.


“The impact Reverie has had on our company has been significant, to say the least. Not one team member can imagine how the company would be where it is today without Reverie.” - Owner, Industrial Service Company

“Our experience with Reverie has been nothing short of exceptional. They not only provide tangible solutions for existing issues, but can also identify areas that need attention before they arise.” Owner, Restaurant

“In the last two years, Reverie has miraculously changed our company from good to great. “

Owner, Service Company


For more information about Reverie Organizational Design Specialists visit The team takes on a variety of clients across multiple industries. The team has a shared vision of helping business leaders rediscover and reinvigorate their dream.

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