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Are New Year’s Resolutions Good for Businesses, too?

Do you begin each year by creating personal New Year’s resolutions? According to YouGovAmerica, approximately one quarter of Americans begin each year with a list of resolutions, and about 20% of them think they will accomplish them. Why do you think so many Americans partake in this practice? According to the Forbes article, “4 Reasons To Make New Year’s Resolutions (Even If You Don’t Keep Them)" (Bower, Tracey, December 31, 2021,, there are four main reasons people make New Year’s resolutions. They are:

  • Intention - Being honest with yourself on how you want to grow and improve will help you achieve your goals and increase your happiness.

  • Hope and Engagement - Creating New Year’s resolutions provides hope and optimism, which ultimately motivates you into action. If you believe that small changes can make a difference, you will become motivated to build a better you, a better future, a better community.

  • Responsibility - Making New Year’s resolutions can usually have an impact on other people. If you vow to take better care of yourself, it helps you to live longer, which directly affects the people around you who know and love you. If you choose to volunteer more of your time to your favorite charity, you make a difference in the lives of others.

  • Inspiration - When you seek to live and be better, and people witness you doing that, you become an inspiration to others. If they see how your life has positively changed by sticking to your resolutions, they will be more willing and motivated to do the same.

With so many positive reasons to make New Year’s resolutions, have you thought about creating resolutions for your business, too? One way to create viable resolutions for your business is to perform a SWOT analysis. Build upon your strengths, seize some of those opportunities, conquer your weaknesses, and tackle those threats.

Get your entire company involved in helping you achieve the resolutions by communicating them throughout the entire organization. To get your team members engaged, have each team or department create action items that they can accomplish to help the company meet those goals. Having involved and excited team members can increase the likelihood of achieving those resolutions dramatically. Make it fun - develop an action plan, create measurable and attainable goals, and celebrate the progress throughout the year.

Can’t think of any resolutions for your business? Reverie did some digging and some of the most popular business New Year’s resolutions are: expand your network, increase your digital presence, and create realistic and sustainable organizational processes. And, here’s the better news, Reverie can help you achieve all of those!

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