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High performance business consultation for small and micro business owners. Online.

​Rev :
make more active or effective 

BACK IN ACTION October 1, 2021

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The objective of REV is to bring the same high-performance business consulting topics used by small, mid, and large business owners to the micro business leader. As a micro business owner, you get grouped into the small business category, but we know it isn't exactly apples to apples.


REV changes that!

Monthly Consulting Packages

REV offers three consulting packages from which to use.  Select a package based on your business needs and budget.  

All packages include:

  • Access to our online REV Library - a collection of videos led by our Reverie Consultants on a variety of business topics such as Vision & Voice, Growth Mapping, Strategy Planning, Expense Planning, Competitive Analysis, Onboarding Clients - to name a few!  A new video is added each month.

  • Checklists to keep your business on track.

  • Access to a private Facebook group for networking and collaboration.

  • Business Challenges to keep you pushing towards your goals.

Other opportunities Include 

  • Access to live, monthly workshops

  • Accountability Groups

  • Bi-Monthly One-on-One Calls w Reverie Consultants

  • Quarterly Strategic Reviews

  • Goal Setting Sessions


Our REV clients form a community of business owners and entrepreneurs to collaborate with, to both receive and provide feedback to, to learn from, and to network with.


Oftentimes, business owners tell us the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is the loneliness of it. REV provides a community of business owners who, like you, know the ups and downs and the trials and tribulations of owning a business.

Meet the REV Team


"REV has truly been life-changing.


I know that seems a bit dramatic, but it truly has been. I haven't been this energized nor felt such a sense of community as I have within these last few weeks. I love being surrounded by people that are vulnerable, authentic, and all focusing on a different industry - only to learn further, at the center of it all, we're all really in the same place."

"This has been an excellent experience.


I enjoy the small group setup of the meetings as well as the collaboration of each group member.


Lindsay is extremely knowledgeable and makes it easy to learn. I especially like having "office hours."

I honestly can’t imagine not having this training as part of starting a small business now.


I think the flow has been good and is well thought out. The energy is fantastic and is part of what makes it so enjoyable.


Lindsay does a wonderful job explaining concepts and gives real life scenarios which is helpful and she does it all in an interesting, energetic way .  The networking and open question concept with the FB group is also fantastic and a key component!! 'Thank you guys!! "

"This program has been a game changer for my mindset & business.


Truly, it's all working. REV has cultivated a safe place for growth & collaboration."