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make more active or effective 


Lindsay Miller, Co-Founder of Reverie, will be your guide as you navigate major milestones and topics for small business owners. 

Lindsay is an experienced CEO, certified Executive Coach, Member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and holds an MBA with a focus on HR. 

High performance business consultation for small and micro business owners. Weekly. Online


The objective of this platform is to bring the same high-performance business consulting topics used by small, mid, and large business owners to the micro business leader.


As a micro business owner, you get grouped into the small business category, but we know it isn't exactly apples to apples.


During this 12-week experience, you will learn from consultants specializing in all areas of business, the experience of the other business owners in the group, as well as sharing your past experiences as a business owner. 


Each session will leave you with something you can apply to your business practice. 

session TOPICS

Each session will focus on one business topic. The topics will cover various key elements from the following business areas: Accounting|Finance, HR, PR|Marketing, Social Media, Sales, Project Management, Customer Experience, IT, and Executive Strategy


Examples include: defining company voice, HR must-haves, sales planning, budgeting, etc.

Sessions begin January 7 & January 8, 2021
All sessions held via Zoom
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Registration Closed for 2021 Quarter1 REV Sessions.  Registration coming soon for 2021 Quarter 2:  


Thursdays, 5 - 7 pm CST April 1 thru June 17 or 

Fridays, 10 - 12 pm CST April 2 thru June 18


Q1 2021 Session A:  Weekly, January 7 - March 25  

Q1 2021 Session B:  Weekly, January  8 - March 26

Q2 2021 Session A:  Weekly, April 1  - June 17  

Q2 2021 Session B:  Weekly,  April 2 - June 18

Q3 2021 Session A:  Weekly, July 8 - September 23 

Q3 2021 Session B:  Weekly, July 9 - September 24

Q4 2021 Session A:  Weekly September 30 - December 16 

Q4 2021 Session B:  Weekly, October 1 - December 17


Meeting Times:

Thursdays, 5 - 7 pm CST

Fridays, 10 am - 12 pm CST


Open office hours will be offered on a weekly basis to provide additional guidance on session topics and independent work


Each group will have a maximum of 10 Small and Micro Business Owners

What's included

  • 12, 2 Hour Online Group Sessions 

  • 2 Virtual Open Office Hours Per Week 

  • All Materials 

  • Reverie Swag Bag

  • Access to private (closed) Facebook group for Rev participants for added networking, questions, brainstorms, etc. 




We've collaborated with world-class consultants to bring in the best minds on customer experience, financial planning, risk management, and other key topics that are crucial for small business owners.

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