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Thank You For Your Generosity

Our 2022 Reverie Gives Back Day, which benefited Digs With Dignity, was a huge success! Through your generosity, we raised over $6000 to create a warm, cozy, and beautiful home for this single mother and her two adorable children.

We are incredibly grateful to our generous donors who made this day possible:

Nick Miller

Neena Vlamis (A & N Mortgage)

Ivan Puljic

Ashley Cox

Matt Tierney

Sarah Donohue

Lindsay Miller

Kayla Bartz

Annette Quick

Ariel Claeys

Dawn Ritter

Mike Hunter

Chris Greco

Monty Hagberg

Shawn Bergfalk

Jessie Williams

Jonina Lowe

Ann Hufford

Jonathan Uhl

Jill Koning

Lori Sylvester

Gregory Price

Sara Cantwell

Rebecca Schaffer

Megan Lally

Cliff Hunter

Archie Vetter

Angie Wozniak

Jim Buczynski

Elizabeth Bevly

Dennis Hill

Somar Saro

Maudy & Bryan Lally

Kamal Maragh

Carolene Meli

Vida Lozano

Vicky Silvano

Jim Groveau

NelliRose Farella

Brooke Voris

Brandee Walton

Barb Campbell

Shari Ferman

Joe Emerich

Claire Manaois

Eleven11 - Whole Health Studio

Charlotte Buenger

Swallow Studies by Shari, LLC

Janice Christensen

The Ashley Cox Real Estate Group

Laurie Bulow

Sara Burcheri

Julie Bjorkman

Elizabeth McDole

Rebecca Qualiato

Christina Wilbur

Nora Napientek

Amanda Phillips

Chase Ritter

Bailey Cantanese

Kelsey Kava & John Hill

Mary Nesbit

Wendy Kazlusky

Lisa Mullen



We also want to give a huge shout-out to our REV Micro Business Clients, The Ashley Cox Real Estate Group and Swallow Studies by Shari, LLC, who partnered with us to not only help us fundraise, but to also create this amazing home for this family.

This was our most successful Reverie Gives Back Day! Thank you again for your generosity and support.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Oscar Wilde

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