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Stand Out From the Crowd on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented networking website with 756 million members in over 200 countries and territories. The benefits of being on LinkedIn are vast - exploring new career opportunities, seeking out new employees for your company, networking with other business professionals, and following businesses, institutions, and organizations. But how do you get noticed and obtain the results you want from joining this networking powerhouse? Reverie offers a few tips to help you stand out from the crowd, increase your profile views, and take advantage of all the opportunities LinkedIn provides.

  1. Create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile link. In lieu of keeping the URL that LinkedIn randomly creates by stringing together numbers, create a custom URL profile link by using some combination of your full name. Having your name in the profile link will look far more attractive on your resume and will also increase the likelihood of showing up when someone Googles your name (your URL plays a role in the SEO of your profile, helping it show up more frequently). Don’t be afraid to put your profile link in your email signature, on your business cards, and, as mentioned earlier, on your resume! To create a custom link, go to your profile, click Edit public profile & URL, and then click Edit URL.

  2. Update your profile picture with a high quality photo that shows personality. A study conducted at the University of York in 2017, revealed that a person only needs a 33 millisecond glance at your picture to form a first impression that includes evaluations of “trustworthiness, status, and attractiveness.” Therefore, anyone viewing your profile is making a first impression of you the moment they see your photo. Make this impression count; use a picture of you that shows your personality! The good news is that you can take a high quality photo of yourself without it costing a penny. If your phone has a portrait mode, this will suffice. If not, maybe check with a friend to see if they own either a high-quality camera or if their phone has a portrait mode. Find an area with indirect light and an attractive background and take a number of photos (it’s always good to have options). Edit the photo using your camera’s editing tools or, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, there are a number of free editing programs available. At Reverie, we use Canva, a free graphic design platform that allows you to upload your photo, crop it, and remove the existing background and add a fun background that matches your brand and personality. Check that out!

  3. Use your headline to help you get more profile views. Create a headline with keywords that recruiters, or anyone searching for your role, would use in the search functionality of LinkedIn. Make sure your keywords are relevant to your role and what you do. Remember a strong headline entices people to read further! Make people want to learn more about you by providing them with a strong, creative, and engaging headline.

  4. Take advantage of the Featured Section by adding links to articles, accomplishments, awards, and projects you’ve completed. This allows you to not just talk about your accomplishments, but to actually show them off! The Featured section allows you to link to recent posts, articles you’ve written, or to anything on the web. It also provides you the ability to upload photos, presentations, or documents you’ve created. To add these enhancements to your Featured Section, scroll down to the Featured section and click the plus icon (+) on the right hand side. This will open a dropdown menu with four options from which to choose to add to your Featured section: posts, articles, links, and media.

  5. Sell yourself in the About section. This is your time to shine! The About section should both compliment your resume and highlight key achievements and quantifiable business impact. As you did with your headline, use keywords that recruiters, or anyone wanting to seek information about your position, would use in the search functionality.

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