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Setting the Reverie Record Straight: Who We Are & What We Do

If you know, you know. #IYKYK

Have you received our monthly email and thought to yourself, “What does Reverie really do?” “Does Reverie only work with failing businesses?” “Wait, how do you say the company name?”

Don’t feel bad. We get those questions a lot! And then we thought to ourselves, maybe it’s time we set the record straight on who we are and what we do.

Our Name

First, you pronounce our name like this: ˈre-və-rē. Reverie means ‘a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.’ Your business was built on a dream, and we never want you to stop dreaming about it! Our company name serves as a reminder to entrepreneurs to keep aiming high and pushing yourself to reach your strategic goals.

What We Do

Reverie is an organizational development consulting firm. Our consultants work with business owners and leaders of small to mid-sized, privately-owned companies to develop and implement more efficient processes and procedures within the business. We form partnerships with our clients to help them pivot, grow, break a plateau, prepare for a sale, navigate change, enhance their culture, create process efficiencies, or simply to help them reach their strategic goals. Reverie provides a successful company with additional structure, strategy, vision, and programming, so that strategic goals and company dreams can be achieved faster than if they were doing it alone. We are a force multiplier!

Uh Oh; you’re a consulting firm! Reverie must only work with failing companies or companies with deep, deep pockets.

Nope and nope! Underperforming businesses are only one small category of the businesses we assist, so it is definitely not the case that we only work with failing businesses. In reality, it is quite the contrary. We actually do most of our work with high-performing businesses who are ambitious, growth-oriented, and focused on excellence. As a matter of fact, the companies that we work with want to take their business to the next level. They are confident and hard-working, always wanting to elevate their business. Their desire is to be an industry leader, and we help them achieve that.

And, we work with clients of all sizes. Reverie works with solo-preneurs, micro businesses, small to mid-sized businesses and everything in between. Our greatest hope is to see all businesses succeed and achieve their goals! And it is because of that passion that we will sit down with you to see how we can help you - regardless of your size and budget. From offering virtual engagement opportunities to project work to sitting in a C-suite position for your company, we have consulting engagements for everyone and every budget. All you need to do is start the conversation with us, and let us see how we can help you.

It’s my business. I shouldn’t have to hire someone to help me run my business.

As a business owner, the assumption is “you know how to do everything.” And we are here to tell you, don’t put that responsibility on yourself. “You don’t have to go it alone!” Asking for support and guidance isn’t a sign of failure or incompetence. Rather, it is a sign of confidence and acknowledgment that in order to achieve the growth and success you desire, you want another set of eyes and ears to set that growth and success on a faster trajectory. Reverie partners with business leaders to do that. We provide additional structure, strategy, vision, and programming to compliment your expertise, knowledge, and business acumen to get your goals accomplished.

What else do we do for you and your business?

No one wants your business to succeed more than we do. Our clients are like an extended family of ours. We don’t work for you; we partner with you. Reverie knows that being the owner of a company can be a lonely job. You don’t always have someone to vent to when things don't go as you planned. And, you don’t always have someone to celebrate with when things go better than planned. You don’t always have someone to bounce ideas off of, to show you a different way of tackling a problem, or to help you resolve an issue you’ve never encountered. That is until you partner with us. We provide you with feedback. We offer ideas on how to do things a bit differently and more efficiently. We support you. We help you. We cheer for you. We put a hand on your back and tell you, you've got this!

And, we will hold you accountable to reaching your goals, and won’t let you back down or stop until you do. Reverie won’t just create new processes and procedures. We will help you implement them and be by your side until you feel comfortable that you can sustain these best practices on your own. We won’t just help you identify your strategic goals. We will push you until you achieve them. We won’t just let you talk about how your business could be better. We will give you tasks, deadlines, and processes to make your business better. We won’t let you simply talk the talk, we will help you walk the walk.

To learn more about Reverie and how we can partner with you, please visit our website at And, keep an eye out for a series of videos coming soon on our social media accounts that will also bust some Reverie myths! #IYKYK

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