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Entrepreneur Fatigue: How to Recognize and Reduce it

As the owner of your company, you are able to create your business from the ground up, making your dreams become reality. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for you to achieve your dreams, meet your goals, and see your business exceed. The rewards are tremendous, but the responsibility is also great.

You start out with a roadmap of where you want your company to be. Your passion is great; your ideas endless. However, the day-to-day minutia of running your own business such as worrying about the financial implications of each decision, the well-being of your employees, budget cuts, or meeting the demands of your customers begin weighing you down. You spend less time focusing on your long-term goals, your growth plans, and your strategic objectives. You lose focus, decisions are harder to make, and the passion and creativity you once had has waned as you shoulder the administrative responsibilities of your business. According to Small Business Online, 41% of small business owners say managing their own business is the top stressor in their life. You are burning out and reaching a state of fatigue. According to recent Gallup research, burnout directly affects performance, relationships, health, and career growth.

There are many reasons cited as to what can cause owner’s fatigue, and the good news is that the majority can be overcome. A highly publicized contributing factor is shouldering the burden of responsibility solely - not having a partner to help with problem-solving. We are far too familiar with this phenomenon. Great business owners fall victim to it every year. Labor Statistics show that 80% of small businesses fail within 10 years.

At Reverie, we partner with business owners to uncover the points of fatigue, implement processes to remove them, and help ownership start dreaming again. We’re an unbiased partner. We help owners get organized and re-energized in businesses. We work alongside owners and teams to once again see the big picture, structure new goals and processes, and work toward an elevated dream. The approach is proven.

The first step is to learn about the business; listen to needs, identify overlaps and gaps, clarify strategic goals, and outline tactical objectives. Once needs are clearly defined, the next step is to become a partner in accountability; setting clear, measurable goals and metrics, and meeting them in a realistic and reasonable timeline. Throughout the process, we collaborate to audit all current processes and implement solutions that align with the vision. The focus is placed on the foundation, team, systems, and future of the business.


In the last two years, Reverie has miraculously changed our organization from good to great. They organized departments with managers and leads. They developed our very first official budget, recommended personnel role changes, and basically improved everything we were doing 10-fold.” Reverie client

Our experience with Reverie has been nothing short of exceptional. They not only provide tangible solutions for existing issues, but they also identify areas that need attention before problems arise. They have been an asset in helping us fine-tune the fundamental aspects of our business. They enabled us to decipher what makes us unique and successful, while also challenging us to make improvements where most beneficial” Reverie client

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