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Growing up with parents who owned and operated family businesses, Jaid Mackin and Lindsay Miller founded Reverie because of their passion for small to mid-sized businesses. What they didn’t anticipate is the number of micro business owners (businesses with fewer than 6 employees and with an annual revenue of less than $1.2 million) who approached them looking for opportunities to work with our team of Organizational Development Consultants. Knowing this classification of business owners deserved the same attention and opportunities that Reverie provides to small to mid-sized clients, REV by Reverie was created.

REV offers micro business owners two things: business consultation and community! Who wouldn’t want that?

Business Consultation

Through both videos and live workshops, REV gives micro business owners the tools and best practices they need to build a successful business. “Our goal is to provide the micro business owners with simple strategies they can immediately apply to their business, “ stated Lindsay Miller. Presented in a simplified and practical way, REV gives micro business owners the ability to apply the processes we use with our small to mid-sized Reverie clients to their micro business. All the videos and live workshops are led by our team of Reverie Consultants.

With REV, entrepreneurs can choose from three different consulting packages. They are:

  • The REV Collective package gives entrepreneurs access to the REV library of videos recorded by Reverie Consultants on a variety of business topics. Priced at $50 per month, this package gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to build a successful business.

  • The REV Interactive package gives you the opportunity to engage with other REV clients through monthly live workshops and accountability groups. Priced at $150 per month, this package helps business owners network and build community with fellow entrepreneurs.

  • The REV Collaborative package, which is our most comprehensive consulting package, allows entrepreneurs to meet one-on-one with a consultant. Priced at $500 per month, it is designed to push and guide business owners in strategy planning and goal setting for their business.


Entrepreneurs often describe the role of a business owner as lonely. The entrepreneur oftentimes doesn't have someone to bounce ideas off of, to receive feedback from, or to consult with to make big decisions. This underscores the importance of finding a community of entrepreneurs who know the ups and downs and the trials and tribulations of owning a business. REV does exactly that!

Through a private Facebook group, live workshops, accountability groups and networking events, REV brings together micro business owners, from different industries, experiences, and backgrounds, to provide one another with feedback, suggestions, and solutions to the hurdles and challenges business owners face. What was once a lonely role is no longer that way due to the network of entrepreneurs REV can provide.

To learn more about REV and how to become a REV client, please visit our REV site.

We can’t wait to engage with you!

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