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Exploring How Small Business Ownership Drives Customer Experience with Annette Quick

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

"The benefit of working with Reverie, which I wish all business owners knew, is that you are partnering with a team that has been raised in a small business, successfully led small businesses, and/or has previously owned a small business -- this is our niche. We know what goes into making small businesses run, and we can help in ways that people without this experience could not. We truly get all of it and will partner with you. It really is what sets us apart.”

Annette Quick is the Client Experience Manager at Reverie. She has a long history of experience-focused roles, in which she has used her innate strengths to ensure that her customers and clients walk away having had a WOW experience every time. This was Annette’s approach to her own small business as well. She gave everything she had to ensure that her customers were happy, and she does the same thing now for the clients and consultants at Reverie. She knows that the experience is in the details, and she takes great pride in ensuring that nothing is overlooked - especially the small things.

Q. Customer Experience seems to be where you are the most passionate, is that safe to say?

A. Absolutely! I really feel that client experience is the measurement of how well the company is performing. Actually, that is what drew me to the position. I love getting to help our clients and the consultants with these big transformational projects. Oftentimes people are so focused on the big picture and high-level punch list, and working with them to review all of the details that might get overlooked is my specialty. It helps our consultants, but it also provides great service to our clients.

Q. That is very true. It sounds like you have unique qualities that align with the experience focus?

A. I have been told that I am consistent and detail-oriented which allows me to show up for our clients and consultants in the same way across the board. I know which questions to ask, and how to provide the support that will make each client feel important in their own way. I’m very dedicated to making sure that happens with every engagement. The clients and consultants move very quickly. I like to be the one who slows things down just a little, to make sure all the details are put in place and the end result will not meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations.

That is why the Reverie Lab, the department in which I work, is so important! It is all of those little details that really put the finishing touch on the final product. The little things add up and create a WOW outcome. My goal is to always take a good idea and make it outstanding by the end of the process.

Q. Okay, that is awesome! But, what is The Lab?

A. The Lab is Reverie’s behind-the-scenes support system for clients and consultants. We take the ideas from the consultants and finesse the details of them. We look at the programs and processes they want to implement and sprinkle them with the details I was just mentioning. We do research, manage the projects, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, and ensure that the timeline will allow for a smooth launch. Our goal is to ensure that each project is planned thoughtfully to run efficiently, and provide the best outcome for each client. We take that job very seriously and recognize that the experience of our clients depends on it, and that is everything to us.

Q. Is The Lab hands-off, or are you client-facing?

A. We are both. There are some times where all of our client work is done behind the scenes, and they would never know that we’re back there pulling for them. Other times, we are direct with the clients, which are some of my favorite projects.

For example, I worked with one of our clients to redesign the employee handbook. The current manual was too extensive and broad. It made it difficult to use. I worked with the team to identify who they are, what they will need to use, and how they would want to roll it out to their employees. They were very happy with it and were very excited to present it to the team.

Q. The Lab sounds like a great feature. Do you find your experience of running a small business to be helpful in this role?

A. Without a doubt. Because I had my own business, I can relate to what our clients are going through. Their business is their everything. As a business owner, you are constantly thinking about it. My experience allows me to empathize and sympathize with our clients. I want to give them the level of care and attention I know they deserve. When they partner with us, they are trusting us with their most prized possession. I know how they feel only because I’ve been there. That makes a huge difference and is very helpful to me in this role.

Q. I can imagine! It sounds like you really believe in the work. What do you feel is the most beneficial service Reverie provides to business owners?

A. It is not a tangible service offering, it is the partnership we provide to our clients. Reverie acts as an accountability partner, a cheerleader, and a support system to the business owners. For a business owner, having someone in your corner cheering you on and providing you with a new and fresh perspective is priceless. Being a business owner can be very lonely. Having a team like Reverie in your corner to guide you in your decision-making process, to lean on for support, and to help you think strategically in order to better reach your goals is invaluable. And, when you have a team like Reverie who is truly invested in the business and wants the business to succeed, probably as much as the business owner, you can not go wrong. We generate ideas and provide solutions, and we are always looking out for the health and wellbeing of the company. As a small business owner you are continually entrenched in the day-to-day operations of your business, and oftentimes don’t have the time to focus on the big picture goals and ideas as much as you should. Reverie pushes you to do that. I would have loved to have had that kind of support and partnership as a business owner. To have someone push you and force you to take time to work on your business strategy would have been phenomenal.

As a small business owner, I can attest that you need someone who gets you. How you work, and why you do the things you do to make your business run. Reverie takes the time to get to know the whole company. We show the business owner how each individual contributes to making the company successful.

Q. Do you feel consulting for small businesses differs from corporate and large businesses?

A. I do. Many big corporate models simply won’t work for a small family-owned business. It just doesn’t translate the same. Reverie understands small business. We create custom processes that make sense. They are flexible to support growth without breaking and are easy to implement and follow.

Reverie really wants to see the small business succeed just as much as the owners. We get really invested in the company and culture, and once the engagement comes to an end the relationship with that client continues. We stay in touch and continue cheering them on.

Q. Your perspective and experience are appreciated. Do you have any final words of wisdom for other small business owners?

A. Yes, a team that understands you is a must-have! Many small business owners I know have felt too proud or insecure about opening up their business to a consulting partnership. We totally get that, too. However, this is our niche. We know what kind of hard work and grit goes into running a small business. We want to provide resources to help your business grow, pivot, transition, or change. Our entire team has been raised in small businesses, worked in small businesses, successfully led small businesses, and/or owned them. All of us. It is what sets us apart. Do not hesitate to explore partnership opportunities with us. We get you!

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