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Checking Your List!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The end of the year marks a great time for reflection, and serves as the perfect springboard for building new habits for the next year. We encourage you to create a calendar appointment for yourself before the end of this year to review your accomplishments, opportunities, challenges, wins, etc. that your business achieved in 2021. Take the time to consider what your business did well and where you can make improvements. This will help you begin building a list of goals and achievements to accomplish in 2022.

Part of this reflection should be to perform an audit of your business to review key metrics. For your convenience, we created a checklist for you to use when conducting the audit. While we definitely want you to perform this audit at the end of this year, we highly recommend you make this audit a monthly habit. By doing this monthly, you can identify areas of improvement before they become a threat to your business. Conversely, you can also capitalize on your areas of success.

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job. All too often, we get dragged into the day-to-day minutia of running our businesses. However, creating time each month to focus on planning and review will lead to a more successful, profitable, and fun business.

Let’s make it our 2022 goal to perform these monthly “check-ups” of our business. Congrats on an amazing 2021 and best wishes for a successful 2022!

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